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Hyderabad Products Catalog (Electronics And Telecommunication)       

  • Videocon 505QS  24 CARAT

    Videocon 505QS 24 CARAT


  • 1600W PMPO Sound Output
  • 24 Carat Gold Plated Jog Shuttle
  • Super Woofer
  • 3 Band Graphic Equaliser
  • Surround Sound
  • Digital Black Stretch
  • Digital Super Scene Control
  • Organiser
  • Scheduler
  • Channel On Demand
  • Personal Message Service
  • Favourite Mode
  • 5- Mode Selectable Picture
  • 4-Mode Selectable Sound
  • Samsung Ariconditions

    Samsung Ariconditions

    Comfortable, Convenient and Clean - Samsung puts them all together! Samsung Airconditioners bring you an entirely new level of comfort with cool, clean air that''s as fresh as a natural breeze. You will enjoy pure, clean air, plus the whisper-quiet operation you get with a Samsung Air Conditioner.

  • Samsung Washing Machines

    Samsung Washing Machines

    Samsung manufactures all types of washing machines from twin tub to front loading to supply the products suitable for all the customers in the world. Samsung''s range of W/Ms aim at user convenience through better design. Samsung is continuously expanding its investment in R&D and has verified its safety through international standard institutes like UL and VDE. Now you can experience the unique t

  • Samsung Audio System

    Samsung Audio System

    You can enjoy this system as a high output power
    Audio and PC speaker at home and carry along the detachable CD Player or MP3 Player while you are out and PC to Audio G,U,I.[Graphic User Interface] function enables you to operate every functions of Audio on your PC while you are working,
    communicating or gaming on it and allow you to direct record CD music to MP3 without the help of PC. Yo

  • Nokia 2280

    Nokia 2280

    The stylish 2280 packs a wallop when it comes to features. With its Xpress-OnTM,1 covers, you can paint your world in exciting colors. Its Mobile Internet browser2 and CDMA1X5 technology enables you to surf the web on the go. You can also add that extra edge to your messages with fun graphics. And stay tuned in by downloading ringing tones of your favorite songs via SMS2

  • Nokia 8250

    Nokia 8250

    There''s more to the new Nokia 8250 than meets the eye. It''s not just the electric blue display, or its sleek, streamlined looks. It''s also a spectrum of stylish, state-of-the-art and thoughtful features that let you connect to life.

  • Designed for Convenience
  • Match Your Lifestyle
  • Advanced Messaging1
  • Wireless Solution
  • PC Suite
  • Accessories
  • Nokia 3315

    Nokia 3315

    Simple, fun and personal. The new Nokia 3315 is easy to use and fun to personalise. With Xpress-onT colour covers, SMS Chat, Multiple SMS sending, countdown timer and Picture Messaging, you can have fun in more ways than one. This fresh, vibrant and easy to use Nokia 3315 is simply fun and personal. At Nokia, we call it human technology.

  • BPL Colour TV

    BPL Colour TV

    Welcome to the world of supreme clarity and awesome sound quality. The world of BPL Colour Televisions. Experience the very future of television viewing, showcased in every BPL model. From the trendy KTR 14' to the state-of-the-art Matrix Flat Screen 29'. Hold your mouse firmly, take a deep breath, and click on your entertainment for tomorrow

  • Sony Colour TV

    Sony Colour TV

    Meet Sony on the cutting edge of style and technology when you indulge in the KV-36FV310 36' FD Trinitronr WEGAr TV. Featuring a High Voltage Regulator Dual Component Video [Y/Pb/Pr] Inputs[2], 2 Tuner Picture In Picture, a 3 D Digital Comb Filter, and ClearEdge VMT Wideband Velocity Modulation, this new television offers reduced video noise, clean crisp sedge detail and a better overall image on

  • Antennas


    We manufacture Antennae in the frequency range of M.F., H.F., V.H.F., U.H.F. bands and the antenna supports. Ours is the first company in private sector to start and are pioneers in the field to cater the needs of Defence and Para-military organisations. During the period of more than 3 decades several types of antennae were developed by substituting the products, being imported from outside the c

  • Pneumatic Telescopic Masts

    Pneumatic Telescopic Masts

    We have the pleasure to inform that we are the first company to introduce Pneumatic Telescopic masts (PTMs) in the Indian market and patended under COPYRIGHT ACT in 1983 INDIAN PATENTS - REGN NO:- L - 9594/81 Dt.13-5-1981. Since introduction we have supplied more than 5,000 PTMs to highly discerning clients in the Indian Market.

  • Towers


    We have been fabricating and installing three major group of towers. These groups include: Self supporting tower:- 1.4 legged angular self supporting towers (green field and rooftop?5 meters?100 meters 2.3 legged hybrid towers (green field and rooftop - 3 meters ? 60 meters) 3. Trilon tubular structural steel sectional towers (3 meters ? 24 meters) Trilon guyed towers (3 meters ? 45 mete

  • Centrex 3100 CLIe

    Centrex 3100 CLIe

    Fully Loaded fixed system with 3 trunk lines and 10 extension, CLI enabled and CTI enabled along with Hi-Tech features like LCR, Trunk guard, Auto Redial, Blank call recall, Live call monitor, Printer computer interface. Comes with built in RTC on balanced extension Circuit.

  • Hyderabad Products Catalog (Electronics And Telecommunication)

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    Electronics And Telecommunication

    Electronics And Telecommunication

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