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  • Wood


    We Deals in Teak spices: Andhra teak, Burma teak, Ballarshah teak, African teak? Red rose wood. Non-Teak spices: - Bijisal, Sal, & all Indian non-teak varieties.

  • Rosewood


    Rosewood is very hard wood variety with a dark reddish brown color. The wood type possesses exclusive fragrance and is close grained. It is hard to work and takes high polish. It is good for use in making musical instruments, piano cases, tool handles, art projects, veneers and furniture.

  • Teak Wood

    Teak Wood

    Tectona grandis A timber which exudes a natural oil from its pores, enabling it to withstand exceptional conditions. Very difficult to de-grease for gluing purposes, but still a joy to work despite its calcium pockets and grit particles blunting your tools.

  • Padauk Wood

    Padauk Wood

    Burma (P. macrocarpus) is orange to orange-red and very hard. It too is sometimes used as a dye.Padauk is one of the few members of the rosewood family that is not threatened or endangered.

  • Balsa wood   (Ochroma lagopus) Wood

    Balsa wood (Ochroma lagopus) Wood

    A confusing wood: the lightest wood in the world and the softest, yet classified as a hardwood! A marvellous timber for model making and for containers requiring buoyancy Balsa is a pale white to gray, nondescript wood, with little grain pattern. It has a distinct velvety feel. It is never bought for its appearance, but rather its exceptional strength to weight characteristics. It is the lightest

  • African Teak Wood

    African Teak Wood

    The African Teak is extremely hard, dense and durable and as a result these characteristics make almost an indestructible high quality furniture. It is highly scratch or dent resistant and consequently prolongs the beauty of the table. Additionally, the tight grain wood has great character and beauty. African teak is valued at twice that of mahogany and four times that of oak.

  • Red Rose Wood

    Red Rose Wood

    (Dalbergia Baroni) This is a very heavy wood and very oily so finishes can be a little difficult to apply. Red rose wood is found in the US, a very fast growing tree. The wood is red in color with distinct growth rings, lighter in weight than many woods. The burl is particularly striking with distinct eye like patterns. It's resistance to moisture makes its valuable for use in outdoor furniture a

  • Ballarshah Teak Wood

    Ballarshah Teak Wood

    This is from Maharastra, a durability owing to the fact that it has more heartwood and less sapwood. This helps it in being perfectly stable under changes in the temperature and moisture.

  • Bastar Wood

    Bastar Wood

    Bastar is from Maharastra, in India belongs to verbana family and is one of the most valuable and durable timbers.The tree has a straight stem that is often thick at the base, a spreading crown and four sided branches. It is a non splitting and durable wood that is known for straight grain, knot less and its stability in variations of temperature and moisture.

  • Mahogany Wood

    Mahogany Wood

    This variety of hardwood is finely grained and has a reddish brown color. Being highly durable, mahogany resists swelling, shrinking and warping. It is extensively used for quality furniture such as cabinets, boat construction, wood facings and veneers.

  • Walnut  Wood

    Walnut Wood

    Walnut is a very strong and finly textured hardwood. The lumber resists shrinking and warping and is very easy to work with. It is used for making gunstocks, solid and veneered furniture, novelties, cabinetry and wall paneling.

  • Furniture And Wood Products

    Furniture And Wood Products

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