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Seven-hill Fluid Power


Seven-hill Fluid Power

Water & Liquid Level Controller - RELAY Auto ON - OFF


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Description :
Fluidlogger solution provider to a simple level monitoring to complicated level controlling.

Over head tank and Sump level control can be achieved by means of float switches of different types depending upon the type of the storage tank, like PVC, MS, SS and RCC. For a small size PVC tank have come up with a level controller to ON and OFF pump motor depending on the water level in the storage tank and the same unit can be even used for sump water control by reversing the switches position.

Benefits of Over Head Tank(OHT) level controlling is to prevent over flow of the liquid to be stored by switching OFF pump motor automatically without any human interference and to start motor automatically once the liquid level falls below the consumption level.

Benefits of Sump Liquid Level(SLL) controlling is to prevent pump dry running once the liquid level in the sump almost becomes zero. As at the suction nozzle of the pump it needs to be always flooded with liquid this can be better achieved by automatic stoppage of motor before the liquid level falls below the suction head required. And the motor starts again on raising liquid to almost nearing to the full level preventing overflow and other damages to the articles at the ground level.

For domestic and multiplex complexes this is a best solution to avoid wastage of potable water and bore-well water.

Three types of controllers are available to suit for the motor starter in single, three phase and universal ( same can be used for single and three phase; best suitable for interchangeability). Balloon Float can be used to the depth of 2.5 meters and for shorter depths up to 1meter miniature switches are in use.

For effluent, cooling tower, sump water, cellar dewatering and coolant tank level maintaining tailor made solutions can be catered.

Hydraulic return line tank level monitoring and control level switches are being made as per the OEM requirement with proximity switch for pump ON / OFF and without switches as only visual aid.

Material of construction option is available to suit to almost all the commercial grade chemicals level monitoring from ambient to the temperature of 150 – 160 0 C.

Successfully, providing services to DG set owners and OEM contractors for the day tank topping and providing uninterrupted power supply without the shortage of fuel in the day tank.

For Hazardous and non-contact application got a excellent Non Contact Level Controller.


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Seven-hill Fluid Power

Calibration Equipment for Vaccum & Pressure Portable Pressure Calibrator - Complete SS MOC Light Weight Can be carried for the in-situ calibration. Pressure testers are the pressure generation unit for calibrating pressure instruments on comparison method. In this method generally pressure instruments are calibrated against the Master Instrument. Scope of reference calibration is to minimize the time required for calibrating a process pressure instrument. Though as primary standards, Dead weight Testers are the most accurate instruments for the calibration of electronic or mechanical pressure measuring instruments, it requires uploading and downloading of weights for every single increment and decrement, which require more time to calibrate an instrument. In reference calibration, changing of master is required only when the range of the test instrument is changing thus provide faster productivity. Table Top testers are engineered for a different working up to 2000bar. Pressure testers are also can be used for pressure testing of various other components like PRV’s, Safety Valves Calibration. Salient Features •Water Operated( No need to use Oils thus reducing user free from oil spillage & contamination) •User friendly design requires very low effort for the spindle rotation •Light weight 8 kg for Portable model and 5 kg for in-situ model •Suitable for site calibration as no external electric power source required other than manual effort •Zero leakage as the end connections are designed for easy interchangeability for the gauges •Zero maintenance ( No lubrication) Vaccum Calibration System Vaccum Calibration System( Consists of Vaccum Comparator & Vaccum Pump both are integrated) Vacuum comparators are the controlling unit for controling the required vacuum for a calibrating vacuum measuring instrument on comparison method. In this method vacuum instruments are calibrated against reference Master Instrument 'or' a manometer. Systems are available for table top and portable models for a full vacuum calibration. To achieve full scale range vacuum calibration oil lubricated vacuum pump is used with external electric power supply and can be easily connected to Vacuum comparator. Vaccum Pump having a capacity of 75 lpm with pump rating to 0.5HP with 230V AC power supply.

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