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Dark Glow Powder

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Hyderabad Products - Trader, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1999

At Dark Glow Powder, we supply Photoluminescent Pigment and Photoluminescent Paint that are compounded through special technologies. They have the advantages of short activating time, long afterglow, high brightness, various environmental adaptation, non-toxicity, harmlessness and non-radioactivity.

Established in 1999, we have become one of the leading supplier of photoluminescent materials on the edifice of high quality and excellent service. The particular products offered by our company were chosen because of performance, quality and value. Many research hours have been invested to let the reliable finished goods to the market.

We maintain a comprehensive policy of quality assurance and execute the same. Our quality control process looks after the exact specifications and details. The highest quality photoluminescent products are provided at the best price. For safety and optimum reliability, our products meet international standards. Whether used for safety, security, visibility or decoration, our products glow ten times more than traditional glow-in-the-dark products.

We have earned a remarkable position in the domestic market and are appreciated for supplying superior quality products to our clients. The company hopes for a long lasting mutual relation of trust & faith with its esteemed clients. ::

Products :
Importers and Suppliers of Photoluminescent Pigment and Photoluminescent Paint are :- -Photoluminescent Pigment :- The rare earth-activated alkali earth aluminate-silicate photoluminescent pigment produced by Shandong Lunbo Lumious Products Co., Ltd., is a novel, long-efficiency and environmentally friendly material. -Application Scope :- It can be used in many transparent or translucent media, such as plastic, paint, glaze, ink, glass, printing slurry etc. To produce luminous products. With the good indicating and beautifying effect in darkness, it can be widely used in emergency signs, passway signs, switches, enamel nameplate, road signs, toys, handicraft, clock, meter panels , textile, firemen's equipment, military and camp instruments etc. -Photoluminescent Paint :- The photoluminescent pigment can be incorporated into paints only after it undergoes a special surface treatment. For example: water-based paint, sand-textured paint, road marking paints, floor paint and metal paint. -Photoluminescent Water Based Acrylic Paint :- Our company has specialized in developing water based Photoluminescent acrylic paint, a novel environmentally friendly paint. Adopting water as the medium, the paint can be used on the surface of materials like cement, wood, metal and plastic with the added advantages of non-toxicity, hard-flammability, good adhesion, good weather-resistance, outstanding luminous effect -Photoluminescent Acrylic Road Marking Paint :-This kind of photoluminescent paint is mainly applied to road marking, parking lot and the indication line of subway etc., for its good adhesion and excellent grind resistance. -Photoluminescent Metal Paint :- It mainly finds its application on the surface of machine tools, machinery equipment, auto, construction machineries by means of spraying or brushing. For better luminous effect, one layer of white or light-colored paint is suggested as the premier paint. -Photoluminescent Epoxy Floor Paint :- Photoluminescent epoxy floor paint is solvent-free, environmentally-friendly product made up of two parts, 100% solidified. Part A is luminous material, part B is solidified material. Before using, part A should be stirred evenly, then exactly weight Part A and Part B and mix them together according to certain ratio. The best way to use the mixture is to shave, or one can brush. -Photoluminescent Ceramic (Enamel) Glaze :- The photoluminescent glaze is composed of basic glaze, photoluminescent pigment as well as little additives and can be used directly to produce luminous products after complete blend. -Luminous Enamel Glaze :- Photoluminescent enamel glaze had better be doped on the surface of the fired white enamel glaze layer to form the luminescent patterns. The doping and firing technologies of white enamel layer are like those of traditional white enamel. -Photoluminescent Signs :- Photoluminescent signs have excellent absorbing-emitting characteristic for various visible light sources. After 10-30 minutes' charge in interior room, they can emit light continuously over twelve hours in the darkness. -Photoluminescent Tape :- Photoluminescent tape can be widely used as indoor or outdoor emergency lines and signs with features like beautiful appearance and good luminance. It can be classified as two types according to different materials, JA has good smooth surface, which is hard to contaminated, JC is very flexible and hard to be flamed. -Photoluminescent Masterbatch :- Our company excels in producing universal Photoluminescent masterbatch with 50% of photoluminescent pigment in weight. This kind of Photoluminescent masterbatch containing multiple auxiliaries, is conveniently used and can be mixed with diverse form resins. It appears best luminous effect in polyolefin resin.

Contact Info

Mr. V. Ramanaidu

Dark Glow Powder

H.No. 6-3-836, Door No. 9, Ist Floor,
Preeth Complex, Opp. MCH Market, Ameerpet
Hyderabad - 500029 (Andhra Pradesh) India

Phone(s) : +91-40-55102904
Mobile : +91-9848317895
Fax : +91-40-55612335

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